Wifi Strength Monitoring Robot



Package Layout
Build Process


Software Installation
deadspottr$ cd ~/catkin_ws/src
deadspottr$ catkin_create_pkg single_sig_test std_msgs rospy


  1. Because of the parsing that’s done in the middle of the code (omitted), you need to fill in the variable called network with the wifi-network you’re testing.
  2. The sigStrength() method is called when the python script is initialized. It creates a ROS node signal_strength and publishes to the signal_strength topic at a rate of .2 Hz.
deadspottr$ sudo visudo
myuser ALL=(root) NOPASSWD: /sbin/iwlist wlp3s0 scan


deadspottr$ sudo chmod +x single_sig_test/src/signal_strength.py
deadspottr$ cd ~/catkin_ws
deadspottr$ catkin_make
deadspottr$ rospack profile
host$ roscore
deadspottr$ rosrun single_sig_test signal_strength.py
Aaaaaand we’re off!


host$ ros echo /signal_strength
Signal Strength in action




AI Product Manager @ F5 Networks http://taggartbonham.me/

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Taggart Bonham

Taggart Bonham

AI Product Manager @ F5 Networks http://taggartbonham.me/

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