Digital Etch-a-Sketch

Front Panel


In this project, we created a digital Etch-a-Sketch with a VGA output. In order to build it, we needed:

Part List
Package Map
On-Board Connections
Pin Out


FPGA: Top-Level Logic
Schematic (For full detail see Diagrams/DetailedSchematics/schematic.pdf)



In short, we achieved all the goals we set out for ourselves at the beginning of the process. In our proposal we stated that we planned to have two knobs to control the x and y motion of drawing, and a button input to clear the screen. We followed the proposed knob operation exactly, though we decided that a switch, which would keep the screen cleared while in the on position, would be more practical for clearing. We also added three switches to control the color, both for the color in which Etch-a-Sketch draws, as well as the color that the screen is cleared to.


The next component we plan to add is a starting screen. We’ll develop this feature by using Matlab to create a COE file that would initialize the BRAM to “more welcoming values”. You can follow this project as it unfolds:



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