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People have been trying to make machine generated music for a long time. Some of the earliest examples were musicians punching holes in piano roles to create complex melodies unplayable by humans (see Conlon Nancarrow, 1947).

More recently, it’s looked like electronic music in the form of MIDI files, where…

chart showing author’s improvement in chess ratings by using ultralearning techniques
Ultralearning dramatically improved my chess rating (Image by author)

After starting chess, my rating immediately settled in the 800s. This is considered low novice territory; 2889 is the highest all-time rating, held by Magnus Carlsen. I wasn’t getting better regardless of the time spent.

Designing cities for the future of mobility


The adoption of cars during the 20th Century dramatically improved standard of living while driving massive social changes and more subtle requirements in urban planning. Over time city planners developed precise zoning requirements from the Institute of Transportation Engineers’ (ITE) Parking Generation…

Taggart Bonham

AI Product Manager @ F5 Networks http://taggartbonham.me/

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